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How to catch the chance under the crisis? some tips for you.

How to catch the chance under the crisis? some tips for you.

        Surprising that lots of abroad clients increasing the orders at this turbulent time, why does they do this?

The outbreak has caused economic chaos and uncertainty.most of companies had to close down and unemployment. Everybody are in a quarantine, Who can expect how long it will last? Maybe 1 month later, 2 month? Or lasting to June or July. How are these quarantine people doing this days at home?

  1. Definitely, they will Strengthen lots of defensive measures, stock enough masks, 75% alcohol disinfectant, hand sanitizer and any product related to the fight against viruses, for their family or employees.
  2. People are more take good care for Children and Old people, who are easy to be virus infected, how to increase their Physical immunity is what they cared most.
  3. People prefer to by the necessity on-line, suppliers should stock enough goods for the large demands.
  4. people have more time to do the things they haven’t time to do before. Like staying with family seeing a film, drawing, and making foods, during the quarantine time, most Chinese of post 80’s and post 90’s even men experienced themselves as professional as the top chef. They were learning the cooking from TIK TOK, or some cooking show. and upload their creation at public circle.which makes their life meaningful, resulting the kitchenware is double selling during this time like oven, cookware, flatware,table mat and so on.
  5. People will do some excises to strong body, play games, see a film to entertain the life, the game of King of Glory is top hot entertainment during this time.
  6. Under the long time depression during the epidemic, the consumer desire will erupt after the unblock, which lead to the economy 2 times more increasing , for example, people can’t wait to buy the first cloth after the unblock, cannot wait to see a first film in cinema, can’t wait to playground with his child. What’s more.people will care more the good feeling instead of the price. Good item is very important.
  7. More other situation will happen, observe more.

A successful man with abroad vision and strategy is the one who can always catch the chance at the crisis, always do one step ahead than others. ensure enough funds holding  till the economy out breaking.


What are you waiting and thinking? Any comments, let’s talking.