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5 reasons why a well-chosen packages is important.

1. A majority choose product depending on packaging

It is quite rare for consumers to do thorough research and investigate which product is best. No, instead it is the packaging that contributes to most purchasing decisions. According to a survey, 64 percent of all purchases are made without any deeper knowledge of the product. Instead, it is the packaging that leads to the decision.


2. Cardboard boxes give a more luxurious impression

What feels more luxurious: a chocolate cake in paper foil or pralines in a handsome box in cardboard? It is hardly a coincidence that specialists like Nice Boxes succeed so well with what they do. Whether you sell cutlery, kitchenware or utensils, a quality box of cardboard will enhance the impression of the product. This type of packaging means that such a simple gift as cutlery or knifes can be given away as a luxurious gift.


3. The packaging can be part of the identity

It is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd of companies in the market. The competition is fierce in many industries. With a well-chosen packaging, the company can still have a chance to stand out. It means the right choice of materials, colors, designs and fonts. A company that wants to convey the impression of being environmentally friendly or ecological can, for example, choose an uncoloured packaging of recycled cardboard. A brand that wants to convey a feeling of luxury may instead choose a package with high gloss and text with gold or silver color.

4. Maintain quality

It is often very important that the packaging is able to preserve the product's quality and integrity. In the food industry, it is important that dirt does not enter the packaging. Once you have opened the package, it is a plus if it can be resealed. It raises the sense of quality and customer satisfaction. For electronic products, the packaging must succeed in protecting the sensitive electronics from shocks, moisture and pressure.

5. A good package can be used again

Many customers want to experience that the product - including the packaging - takes the environment into account. Therefore, it is often appreciated if the packaging can be reused. It can be about delivering shoes in a nice shoe bag instead of a box. Another example is the luxurious cutlery tin basket packaging that gets a second life as a stylish storage box in the kitchen or table.


Now, do you have an idea for what kind of packages for your own cutlery?

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