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Brilliant craftsmanship spirit

Brilliant craftsmanship spirit

Focusing on the details, machine and skill, Brilliant workers always making cutlery like their childs. 

Below picture, Wu is staring at the pattern of a new design, complicated decal takes him few hour to engrave the mould. 

Master YE is adjusting the tooling for a broken machine, experienced million times of stamping, the tooling transformed. 

New tooling is on the way, it guarentee our machine works better in coming days.

Woman are half power in the world, so did our Brilliant workshop.

They are quick, accurated, and responsibled for every unit, they are beautiful scenery in production lines.

Brilliant's future need their workings, their heart and their strong conscientiousness. 

We supply good workshop enviroment and equipment, offer job opportunity to them, help them to achieve thieir life goat. 

Workers are the treasure of Brilliant.