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Awesome gradient cutlery

Awesome gradient cutlery for your collection

A gradient cutlery is created by using one or two more hues to paint one element with a gradually fading color shift between them. Ill share the tricks and ideas that we have picked up along the way when I started learning how to create a gradient. Here we go-


Dont choose colors randomly

The last thing you want for your audience is to believe that colors you chose are random and used without putting any thought. You can use a gradient to communicate a change, guiding their gaze. Choosing a bright color where you want your viewers to see, choosing a dark transition to create a sense of shape or maybe a dull color to reduce its visual weight. But keep a few things in mind when choosing colors.


Choosing colors which are close to each other will have a smoother transition in a gradient as compared to colors which are at opposite sides, or even close to being complementary. The reason is- they cancel out each others brightness, the same thing that happens when you mix two complementary hues in pigment colors, and you end up getting a neutral color. See Image 1.2 below- you get a dark unsaturated green during the transition from a bright green hue to a bright purple hue. See how we mix the gradient rose gold color with gold in silver cutlery set.