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Sublimation kids cutlery flatware silverware new skill launch

As an 7-years product sales in stainless steel tableware industry, making new development in stainless steel tableware is something that must be thought about every day.  Many customers have come to us and ask whether tableware can have both beautiful and practical advantages, and I always recommend PVD plated flatware, or the laser printing cutlery, sandblasting, gold plated and others processed flatware.  

But 2021 is a special year, some famous tableware brands like WMF, they have developed their own decal flatware, while we are still stuck with a very bad printing.  Therefore, our engineer and development team went to the Korean applique craft market to learn, and it took up to 8 months to develop this kind of scratch-free tableware, and now we make it successfully.
First we design the decal and book it from film factory, it’s different from common film. Each piece of decal needs workers to adjust the position, so it takes a long time to finish the whole production, but after high temperature firing, these colors stick onto the handle very well, that’s really magical.  

So is the product really not easy to be fade off?  
We took this test specifically:  
My colleague repeatedly and violently scrape the handle of this cutlery with the sharpest knife, as you can see, the cutlery with the old technology has been destroyed.  But the spoon that used new sublimation craft, although the polishing area has been scratched, but the pattern is still very complete.  


You may ask that if it dishwasher tested?  
Yes, it passes 50-200 rounds of dishwasher testing!  We have a dishwasher in our factory to test, we record every day and it’s totally pass 200 cycles.
In addition to regular domestic orders to choose some words printed on the tableware, Korean spoons are also very popular to make this sublimation printing.  
The spoon in the picture below is our finished product, they are really trendy recently. 

Children's cutlery is also a very important event in cutlery business. They have a more urgent needs for learning and practice when they enjoy food.  
Gift businessman may also looking for kind of better printing, right?
Are you ready to use this technology to customize your product?  

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