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Care instruction for PVD coating Cutlery

We all know PVD is a super-hard coating that is by far the most durable coating available today. It gives better wear and corrosion resistance, and will not affect the taste of food and importantly is dishwasher safe.

But PVD cutlery is not omnipotent, we still need to clean and care PVD cutlery well. 
  • The coating would have chance to fade away or become lighter if you use strong hydrochloric acid detergent.  Such as Fairy brand detergent,it has phosphonate,polycarboxylate, which are strong hydrochloric acid.  It's not a mild detergent that will caused the PVD coating fade away easily.

  •  We are more recommend that a normal detergent Finish brand, it's much more soft detergent which widely used in Europe and America. 

Here are some tips for caring the PVD cutlery:

  • Do not let food remnants remain on your flatware for prolonged periods. Remove food soil immediately, as some foods are harsh to stainless steel and can cause pitting. This includes vinegar, salt, mustard, mayonnaise and more. Avoid soaking your flatware for prolonged periods before washing.
  • Use mild detergent formulated without chlorine, strong oxidizing chemicals or citric acid (proscribe gels and liquids which often contain chlorine as well as phosphonate,polycarboxylate, "lemon perfumes"containing citric acid).  
  • Knife blades are made of a special grade of Stainless Steel to enable a high quality cutting edge to be produced and maintained, and knife blades are particularly sensitive to staining and corrosion if exposed to acidic foods, soaking in water, and air-drying. It is especially important to quickly dry and wipe knives after washing in order to preserve the quality.
  • Remove immediately after dishwasher cycle is complete and hand dry any residual water before storing. Do not leave cutlery in a damp dishwasher overnight.
  • Clean regularly with a soft, dry cloth or duster. Wash periodically using a soft cloth and mild soapy water then dry immediately with a clean, soft cloth. Rubbing or wiping should be carried out in the direction of the polish lines, not across them. DO NOT use oily rags or greasy cloths when wiping the product surface.
  • If there is the possibility it is suggested to prefer hand washing.

Your cutlery will be used regularly, so it is important that you take good care of your cutlery. B Hope above information would be helpful to you.

Rita Chen