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Which categories of products are selling well during the epidemic?

      The Coronavirus broke out almost cover the whole world, on March 9, Italy launched a nationwide confinement and ordered more than 60 million residents to stay at home.  On March 14, Spain declared a state of emergency and imposed a comprehensive ban on more than 46 million people,on March 17 France announced a confinement, banning all public assemblies, and requiring people to stay indoors except for necessary outings, On March 23. Britain was blocked also,  More than 158 million people in the United States have been asked not to go out. On March 25, India also announced the closure of its country, with 1.3 billion people "Foot restraint" for three weeks.

      In order to slow down the spread of the virus, countries began to adopt social quarantine measures. which fundamentally changed people's daily life. According to research, more than half of U.S. and British consumers say they plan to shop more online, same as do South Korean (70%) and Brazil (67%) consumers.

      As shown in the figure above, in the first few weeks of the outbreak in the United States, both physical store and online sales steadily increased. Until the outbreak in early March, physical store sales steadily declined. Compared with January, it is down 46%. At the same time, online sales increased by 58%. In addition to masks, epidemic prevention supplies, cleaning supplies, etc., sales of some categories of products also increased significantly.

1.Consumer electronics sales rise

More and more people are beginning to adapt to work and study at home, and consumer electronics sales have grown significantly. On March 22, webcam sales in the United States soared (+ 534%). Compared with the first 4 weeks of this year, computer monitors (+ 357%), modems (+ 379%), and education software (+ 223%) also experienced similar large increases.

      In France, printer products performed well in March. Sales of printer consumables increased by 1199%. Sales of products including printer consumables, copiers and fax machines increased by 313% compared to January.

      In South Korea, sales of computer monitors and tablets soared in February. In March, sales of cameras and optical products (+ 56%) led the way.

2. Pet supplies rising in March

Cat food (+ 401%), cat supplies (+ 204%), and pet supplies (+ 175%) topped the list.

      In Italy, dog supplies and general "pet supplies" began to sell well in March, with sales increasing by 995% and 679%, respectively.

      South Korea ’s pet vitamins and supplements sales increased in February, and fish supplies were above average. Sales on March 22 increased 42% from January.

3. Fitness products are growing in popularity

      Because people residents quarantine at home, they have to change their exercise methods and choose to exercise at home. Yoga mats are gradually rising in Amazon's best-selling products. Since mid-March, the average ranking has risen from 32 to 18, an increase of 43.75%, the highest level in a year. In addition, sales of other fitness products such as resistance bands and dumbbells have also increased.

4. Houseware sales remain high

5. Fashion and luxury goods sold on-line remain stable

      Since the beginning of 2020, online sales of fashion and luxury goods (including designer clothing, watches, jewelry, and handbags) have basically remained stable compared with the same period in 2019. The growth trend of fashion and luxury goods in January 2020 has remain stable.

6. Grocery sales are soaring.

      With the closure of U.S. stores and a curfew across the city, U.S. consumers are stockpiling large amounts of non-perishable food. However, in the past week, sales of fresh foods have begun to rise, such as fruits and vegetables (+ 600%), meat, eggs and seafood (+ 373%). In the UK, sales of dairy products have increased by 887%. On March 22, sales of fruits and vegetables also rose 724% from the January average.