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Share the protection experience of Corona viru

Now Coronavirus is spreading all over the world. Recently we received many news from clients about the situation of their countries. It is really a hard time for worldwide. 

In the past time we experienced same with you are experiencing.Now it is under well controlled in China.We want to share some experience with you.

We hope you can take good care of you and your family. Stay Safe!

Here are some tips for you :

     1.Prepare face mask soon because Coronavirus be Serious day by day.

     2.Actively self disinfect, wear masks and wash hands frequently.

     3.Our initial self isolation time is 14 days. Reducing the contact with people to avoid spread through saliva.

     4.Avoid going when there are too many people.

     5.Cover mouth and nose with tissue when coughing or sneezing or use elbow guard. 

     6.Wash hands with running water and hand sanitizer immediately after contact with respiratory secretions.

     7.Disinfect clothes, cell phones and keys with 75% alcohol if necessary after returning home.

--Rita Chen  2020.04.10